The internet pretty much exploded when Sleater-Kinney announced their reunion, and even moreso when they streamed their first new song 'Bury Your Friends'. The second taste of that new album, No Cities to Love, comes in the form of 'Surface Envy' which was shared at the conclusion of a Reddit AMA that they did earlier yesterday - stream it below!

As one would, a fan asked what the future holds for the band past the album release and reunion tour. They said “We are definitely living in the moment and enjoying being together making music again. We all have other projects as well and realize our time in the band is valuable. Not taking SK for granted, and making this album as good as possible works for us this time around. So no plans for the distant future – we’ll make the next few months as amazing as they can possibly be!” So, long story short, make sure you get to their reunion tour - you may not be able to see them again! No Cities to Love is out on 20 January via Sub Pop.

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