Earlier this year Sleater-Kinney dropped one of the most tantalising teasers in music when they posted a picture of them in the studio with St. Vincent. The first fruits of those sessions has now surfaced in the form of new single 'Hurry On Home', their first new music since 2015's No Cities To Love.

We've known in the past that St. Vincent has not been afraid to sing of physical intimacy, and that seems to be the direction the Sleater-Kinney have kinked towards on 'Hurry On Home'. However, this Carrie Brownstein-led track accentuates weirdness, with pleas to "disconnect me from my skin." Corin Tucker's guitar is contorted and steamy, reflecting the awkward positions into which our protagonist is desiring to find herself in. It's a jagged and all-too-brief return from Sleater-Kinney, who have tantalised us once again.

Check out the lyric video below, directed by Miranda July.