Brian Batz' Sleep Party People will return this May with a new album called Floating. You can stream 'In Another World', the record's spooky, plodding, alt-rocker with a hair raising string section right now below.

Floating is out May 30th in Asia and Scandinavia, and June 2nd everywhere else on Blood & Biscuits. See the tracklist below.

  • Side A
  • 1 Change In Time
  • 2 Floating Blood Of Mine
  • 3 A Stranger Among Us
  • 4 In Another World
  • 5 Death Is The Future
  • Side B
  • 6 I See The Sun, Harold
  • 7 I See The Moon (Feat. Lisa Light)
  • 8 Only A Shadow
  • 9 Scattered Glass

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