2012 has been a big year for Sleigh Bells and the duo look to have set their sights on emulating that in the new year.

The pair released their sophomore album earlier this year to critical acclaim before joining Red Hot Chilli Peppers tour as well as their own string of headline dates and festival appearances but now Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller have revealed they are already working on album number three set for a 2013 release.

In an in depth interview with The Huffington Post, Krauss revealed; "Success never paralyzes us, it pushes us forward constantly. We’re half-way through the new record."

Derek explains why the music making process is easier when a band consists of just two members, "Bands are complex units with four of five guys or girls, and everyone needs to agree. Alexis and I get along and we’'e electric so we don't need a practice space… we can just work on this or that."

The guitarist went on to talk about the new record, "it's a lot more clean… it might sound surprising." Krauss described her vocals as more "melodically" with a hint of R&B. "I use my voice in more of a, dare I say, traditional way."

While neither of them offered a release date for the new LP Miller did explain their recording process as more of a "true collaboration" in how they go about their business: "'Comeback Kid' was a huge turning point for us. I gave her the instrumental, and within five minutes, we had a whole song. It opened my eyes. I felt like she was extremely underutilized. I'm not spread quite as thin this time. She’s doing most of the heavy lifting on this."