Benjamin Cormack and Aram Vehuni - Benji and Max familiarly - make up the dreamy California duo slenderbodies, who have just released a sweet, strawberry-tinted EP, soraya. They use each of the five tracks to confront something in their lives, touching topics like lust and wavering self-confidence. Their pastel aesthetic is on full display throughout, accentuated by the whisper-falsetto that completes their signature sound.

The first track sets off on a lazy indie pop direction. The omens of ‘better like that’ come as challenges to overcome later on. For example, in ‘take you home’, they reference losing perspective as pretending to go backwards, ahead of an inner battle for how (or even why) to end a stale relationship. Aside from the personal dilemma, the latter track might be the grooviest one on the whole velvety record.

The band wanted this release to encapsulate a certain degree of femininity. “soraya is an EP that revolves around the strong women in our lives who empowered us to be where we are now as musicians and individuals,” they explain. “We assessed how we grew and learned through interacting with our mothers, grandmothers, teachers romantic partners and friends. For the purpose of writing these five songs, we amalgamated these people and their impacts into one person, soraya (translating to gem). Now, as we embark on the biggest year yet as a band, it’s brought us so much peace to reflect on the strong feminine energy that has lifted us up always.”

From that, it is not a far leap to understanding ‘queen,’ the penultimate song. slenderbodies make their homage apparent; lyrics celebrate moments with the supporting figures in their lives who offered them clarity. The song prior to it, ‘king’, is its foil, acknowledging their power is due to the great women that helped them to make their dreams a reality. Asymmetrical melodies on both keep fans singing along on their toes throughout a few verses that could have been performed by Glass Animals. The shimmering, namesake symbol has many facets that allow the gleaming dream pop of slenderbodies to never stop giving.

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