Something unique here: oddly dark haunted house sounds created by London producer Slime (aka Will Archer) matched against laid-back morose rapping from Chicago's Jeremiah Jae in 'Patricia's Stories'. What's so different about these sounds? The beat crackles as if made on an old phonograph or something, clattering in spooky jazz style with cascades of snare hits that makes it sounds as if it's raining. Then the soft soft piano part, darkly muffled, summoning black nights and sadness. Strange backwards brass melody blares soulfully skewed.

Jeremiah's flow is baggy, loose, stylistically flat as if spoken through a mostly closed mouth, this line in particular, "Cold nights with no art / She on her feet looking at the stars / On the street like a parked car," echoing into a beautiful void. This comes from a collection of Slime-produced wonders in the form of mixtape, In The Brick House – a taster before this skilful musicmaker's debut album.

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