To celebrate the forthcoming Slottsfjell Festival (19-21 Juli 2012 - Tønsberg, Norway) - festival organiser Henning Krane has put together a pretty awesome playlist of bands set to play the event. He's also been kind enough to put together a short piece on a few artists playing the festival that you might not be too familiar with.

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Of course there are plenty of bands playing Slottsfjell this year that readers of the 405 would in theory be familiar with - New Order, Friendly Fires, Chase & Status and so on, so I'll pick out a couple that they might not be so well known.

120 Days - Dahle Disco

I actually used to manage this band back in the day, but two classic albums and a lot of rock'n'roll shenanigans later they are breaking up. Slottsfjell will be the last Norwegian festival the band will play. Their blend of krautrock and techno spawned a host of imitators but the band led by the legendary libertine - Ådne Meisfjord will long be remembered for some classic tracks not least this Lindstrøm produced track "Dahle Disco".

Insense - Death For Me Death For You

One of Oslo's most finest metal / hardcore bands who're signed to Norwegian premier league label Indie Recordings.

Seigmen - Hjernen Er Alene

Local boys done good, Seigmen originally hail from Tønsberg and Slottsfjell's own bar / venue is actually named after their classic album "Total". The band have reformed for the show and even though they've added a couple of other dates to their diary now, this is the one that will be really special.

She Keeps Bees - Gimme

A random tip whilst chatting to Sharon Van Etten in a horrendous Brooklyn hipster venue called Shea Stadium. The best thing really about booking a festival is being able to put on this kind of relatively unknown (at least here in Tønsberg) band that I really love and would like to put in front of our audience.