Last month we brought you the news that Geordie songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ian Black, aka SLUG, would be returning with a new album HiggledyPiggledy in April, and named bananas lead single 'No Heavy Petting' our Track Of The Day. To assuage the wait to hear the rest of the album, he has now released a second single 'Lackadaisical Love'.

As with the previous single, 'Lackadaisical Love' is based around pinging percussion - but where 'No Heavy Petting' found SLUG in a reserved, stand-offish mood, here he is open and welcoming. The rest of the instrumentation in 'Lackadaisical Love' backs this up, with sweet and uplifting string melodies and an infectiously innocent vocal hook.

Black says of the song's genesis: "I was getting into horrible ringing snares at that time and one day after spending around 4 hours in the studio and coming up with nothing I basically decided to vent a little on the drums ...and Eureka! This simple but awkward big drum beat arrived and then all of a sudden the lyrics for the chorus happened... Sometimes, amid the gloomy, pocket prog I write, it's nice to have some uplifting pop goodness raise its head. It was one of the rare occasions when you think, "I wouldn't add anything on there. Possibly due to the fact that there's nothing much you could probably add on.""

Listen to 'Lackadaisical Love' below and check out SLUG's tour dates beneath.

SLUG's HiggledyPiggledy comes out through Memphis Industries on April 13th and can be ordered here. SLUG will be playing the following live dates:

27 April – Leeds, Brudenell Social
29 April – Glasgow, The Hug and Pint
30 April – Manchester, Soup Kitchen
01 May – London, The Lexington
02 May - Newcastle, The Cluny
21 July – Deershed Festival