Rochester, N.Y. is the kind of sleepy city that seems ripe for malaise-driven introspection. Given that the three members of Slumbers all just graduated college and have found themselves at personal crossroads, that malaise is likely swirling in full effect. But thankfully for us, that not uncommon discomfort with growing up has been translated into some beautiful music.

'Battle,' the first track from the band's debut EP Come Over, is a low key affair, with the vocalists never raising their voices above a whisper and a steady groove of bass and light guitar. But the song is absolutely gorgeous, with the sort of Romantic beauty that makes jaws drop. When the song adds in a saxophone riff for good measure, you get the sense you are hearing something truly special.

Check out 'Battle' below, and keep your eyes open for Come Over, which is due out on Nov. 25 through Sports Day Records.