For a band with only one EP and singles to their name, the Los Angeles-based synth-poppers in Smallpools have done a whole hell of a lot to keep their name at the tip of everyone's tongues. They've hit the road with San Cisco, Walk the Moon, and Neon Trees before heading out on a headlining tour of their own alongside Magic Man at the tail end of last year; all of which was leading up to the announcement of their long-awaited debut album.

LOVETAP! will be out on 24 March, and that's the adorable album artwork above. The record's first single is 'Karaoke' which they premiered back in December. That song now has a new set of visuals done in the style of old school 70's music videos. It's an odd sort of love story featuring a ton of well-styled mannequins, as two in particular compete for the attention of one certain lady mannequin. It's quirky and cute, and you can watch it below!