Earlier this summer, indie pop-rock act Smallpools released their single, ‘Stumblin’ Home’, which found the group in the sonic realm of The 1975—and of course what a place to find oneself. This wistful yet spirited tune plays off like a summer anthem with just one last shot at love left in you. With sheened melodies and incandescent arrangements, lead singer Sean Scanlon knows how to sing unhappy songs with just the right amount of jubilance to keep your hopes and dreams alive.

‘Stumblin’ Home’ debuted back in June, but the Los Angeles-based trio has now released the music video to accompany their endearing jam. The clip follows the main character in an old school videogame with three lives to play and the three different outcomes of how his night out may turn out. Like any protagonist, the chances and choices he takes ultimately lead him to finding and kissing that special girl he’s been in search for. The animated video has all the familiarities of your favorite Super Nintendo game, putting 90s nostalgia right back in the driver’s seat. In the end, as entertaining as the video can be, it captures a feeling of never giving up, even if love (or therefore lack of) has you down in the dumps.

Here’s what the band and director Chris Grieder had to share about the music video:

“Throwing it back to the classic arcade days to see what kind of trouble our “Player 1” can get into. DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend stumblin’ home alone (or at all, really...)” - Smallpools

“We’ve all had those magical yet lonely nights - nights where you never quite expressed your feelings to somebody special. The benefit of living in a video game is that those missed connections don’t always have to go unresolved.” - Chris Grieder (Director)

Smallpools first came onto the scene in 2013 with their hit song ‘Dreaming’ off their self-titled debut EP. In 2015, they dropped their first LP, LOVETAP!, and in 2017 followed up with their second EP, THE SCIENCE OF LETTING GO. ‘Stumblin’ Home’ is the first track to surface from the band’s upcoming untitled EP via Kobalt/AWAL.