Here is Smashing Pumpkins with a new song. It's called 'Being Beige' and I was gonna start off by saying each word is an anagram of the other but it's not so sorry that you're not getting that treat of wordplay. Just imagine it does anyway.

This of course discounts the '(World's On Fire)' part of the title, a refrain in the song itself.

Anyways, the track features some pretty acoustic guitar arpeggios over mist-like drum machine sounds in its quieter moments, livening up to a crashing wave kineticism with sweeps of distorted guitar and aching melodies, as the vocals paint a stumbling melody over these sounds, layering towards the end in a maintained crescendo.

This is taken from an upcoming new album from the band called Monuments to an Elegy, the first of two albums that they're working on for the coming year, due 9th December.

Monuments To An Elegy Tracklist:
01. Being Beige (World’s on Fire)
02. Anti-Hero
03. Tiberius
04. Run to Me
05. One and All
06. Drum and Life
07. Dorian
08. Monuments
09. Anaise