Smerz is the duo of Henriette and Catharina, born in Norway and residing in Copenhagen, who have proven their stylish and unique abilities at erratic art-pop with a modern outlook. Their minimal stylings have caught the attention of the finest purveyors of forward-thinking music, XL, who are putting out this single, as well as NTS Radio, where they're currently in residency.

It was on their show this week that they premiered new track 'Have fun', their teasing and tempestuous new track. Built on skeletal drum loops and inchoate flourishes of colour, the duo relay their devilish desires; "All I wanted was to feel something/ Cause I think all in all you should save me/ You should turn my way." The track is instantly infectious despite its somewhat alien production, further proving Smerz' adroit production skills.

'Have fun' comes accompanied by a self-directed video, which you can watch below.

Catch up with Smerz' most recent NTS show here, where they show off their impeccable taste. They'll be bringing that magic touch to their newly announced HALF LIFE II Party in London on 14th December, where they'll be both DJing and playing live.