Queuing. Long-held to be one of the most quintessentially British activities you can partake in, second only to going to the pub or having fun on a big Friday night out. Yes, we sure love doing that. But what if queuing and going out and having fun did in fact coincide?

Queues for nightclubs have actually been some of the worst experiences of my life. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it's pretty close to the truth so let's just leave it that way. Queuing is cold. Queuing is boring. Queuing, if you're stuck near some annoying people you don't wanna be near— you'll have to just put up with it. Queuing is pesky. Yeah you read right: PESKY.

But we heard about something cool that happened. At the end of last year, Smirnoff ambushed (in a good way) queuers outside Pryzm in Bristol. Queues here often get like, 500 deep – which, just to make a little aside, is insane – so Smirnoff apparently decided it'd be cool to mix up this boring part of the evening where everyone just wants to get into the nightclub.

Turns out it was actually pretty cool. Picture a Landrover rocking up, equipped with DJ facilities, lights, the lot. Headphones were being handed out to the queue-turned-audience, making it into a mobile disco. A mobile silent disco, in fact. I love this idea; so often you're in a queue, feeling like you don't even matter to the club you're trying to get into. To be included in this crazy stunt sounds so cool – why don't clubs actually do this? Send out like a … a party team to lighten the mood of the mental queues outside?

Anyway, we hear this is only the tip of the iceberg and hopefully Smirnoff will be bringing some more cool stunts like this in 2015, so – I guess, watch this space...