Increasingly common these days is the ridiculous necessity for so-called 'VIP passes'. If you buy a wristband or a ticket for an event, why are there all these extra hidden fees tacked on? Oh, you want to be able to see the artist? That'll be another hundred quid. You need to sit down? Fork over your pocket contents. Toilet access? Super-duper VVVIP only, bub.

Smirnoff aim to tear down those plywood excuses with the party equivalent of a ten-tonne wrecking ball. Destroying – well, obliterating – the barrier between fan and artist, they're throwing their own house parties. Tomorrowland, touring the globe – Americas, Europe, Australia, South East Asia... – will bring the party to you. With no frilly extras; it's just pure, unadulterated fun.

Bingo Players, Zed's Dead and Felix Cartal are heading up the collective of artists that'll be tearing up the likes of Vietnam, Mexico and Belgium.

EDM isn't about using telescopes to watch a blur and listen to tinny beats through a walkie-talkie. It's about feeling the bass rumble through your sternum in sync with your heartbeat; it's about feeling the sweat fling off the DJ as they bolt past on the stage; it's about a communal love of music. Being in that crowd and in the midst of the action is essential.

Tomorrowland isn't about stackin' bank, it's about bringing the vital components of a perfect night together. Dance music began in underground clubs, illegal raves and the dingy, dank apartments of inner cities. When did it turn into this plastic, mega-arena cash cow? It's time to return to the roots of true dance, and celebrate its origins. What better way to celebrate than partying your freaking socks off?

You can visit Smirnoff at their Facebook page, or on Twitter (@SmirnoffGB_IRE).