Smith Westerns have debuted '3am Spiritual', the lead track from their forthcoming third album.

'3am Spiritual' is an excellent piece of jangly pop, that begins with Cullen Omori crooning "It's easier to think you're dumb" over a strummed guitar and keys. The track builds and changes from here, adding harmonies and the tight rhythm section. It keeps growing dynamically to about the three minute mark, dropping everything and rebuilding the song from piano chords and guitar licks. '3am Spiritual' goes out sounding like it came off Abbey Road. Omori sings on the chorus "Please keep close to me/I don’t want to let you off my arm," and as a listener, you don't want this song to end.

Smith Westerns will drop their third record, Soft Will, via Co-Op/Mom+Pop on June 25th.