The passion shared between Smoke Season’s Gabby Bianco and Jay Rosen spills into their music. It will be a central theme on their forthcoming record titled Sensudentity, which will include their recent single, 'Hot Damn'. Keeping with the motif, the band said the song “is about your lust hitting a fever pitch during a wet, hot American summer,” but the video paints a different picture. Watch it exclusively below.

Colors and provocative messages bounce around as much as the small duo does at the hands of wrestlers. The action is apt for a song that infectious. Rosen’s guitar riffs complement the rough samples of Bianco’s vocals in the chorus, which has brass accents in all the right places. Still, rather than capitalizing on their chemistry, they went in a different direction due to personal circumstances:

"This summer we got robbed of $7000+ worth of gear on tour but had to keep our heads up and keep trucking, so this video became a metaphor for that mindset. We wanted to give ourselves permission to laugh while getting our asses literally beat down by professional wrestlers."

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