Given the meteoric rise of Snail Mail following the release of debut album Lush last summer, it's no surprise that Matador has decided to reissue 2016's Habit EP. The 6 tracks on the EP have been remastered for the release, which is on digital platforms now, and will see physical release on August 30th.

In addition to the half-dozen older tracks is a cover of Courtney Love's 'Second Most Beautiful Girl In The World'. Lindsey Jordan already shared a slow, solo version of this song on Amazon back in October, but now she's re-recorded it in shredding form with her band. Check it out below, or check out the whole remastered Habit EP, including 'The Second Most Beautiful Girl In The World' here.

You can pre-order the physical reissue of Habit here. And if you haven't yet heard Snail Mail's Simlish version of 'Pristine' for the soundtrack of Sims 4, then give yourself a treat below.