Norwegian producer Snasen is a fresh face in a long line of Scandanvain artists that reduce journalists to cliches such as 'wonderfully evocative of the Scandinavian scenery', 'ethereal', and, for those really wanting to get a mention in The Stool Pigeon's 'achingly beautiful' column. It's like shooting adjectives in a thesaurus.

Robin Snasen Rengård with 'Failing Upwards' assimilates the most alluring facets of Scandinavian music and presents them in an elegant electronica manner, with the result sounding like múm in the midst of a glitchy slow-jam. 'Green Grass Of Tunnel' in a k-hole. Snasen discusses the didactic nature that he is keen to explore in his music - and this is certainly evident in the five-track EP also titled Failing Upwards that boasts odes to techno, cosmic happenings and Vessel-esque noises - but for now let this beauty slide across your mind.

The EP is out February 15th 2013 via Sellout! Music - with an album promised sometime later this year.