Eva Moolchan, aka Sneaks, is putting out a new album called Highway Hypnosis through Merge on January 25th. From it we've already been treated to 'Beliefs' and 'The Way It Goes', but, brimming with excitement, she has shared a couple more new tracks called 'Money Don't Grow on Trees' and 'Hong Kong To Amsterdam'.

In 'Money Don't Grow On Trees' we find Moolchan in a more laid-back and strutting poise, as though she's crawling along the street in a low rider. Mellow synths and atmospheric additions give Sneaks a level of coolness that heretofore we haven't seen, but suits her perfectly, as she gives us just a little to work with and leaves plenty of magnetic mystery.

'Hong Kong To Amsterdam' is more of the effervescent energy that we usually expect from Sneaks, burbling along on oozing bass and rattling hi-hats. Moolchan is as inscrutable as ever, her voice coasting perfectly atop the crests of percussion, remaining unflustered even as the layers start to build. She had the help of super producer Jacknife Lee for this one, and it's clear why he claims "We need more artists like this.”

Both new tracks also come with videos, filmed by Emmett Kerr-Perkinson, showing Moolchan on the streets of European cities. You can get to know her idiosyncratic character in watching both clips below.

Sneaks' new album Highway Hypnosis can be pre-ordered here ahead of its January 25th release on Merge.