When Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer isn't busy giving out awful life advice to bands on her Sound Advice series, she goes to shows - specifically, United Nations shows. Her brother, Jonah, is a member of the band, so it makes sense. However, at the band's recent show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, she took to the stage to roast the band before they performed.

Some highlights:

"Speaking of which, don't get high and come to one of the UN's shows, because you might get super paranoid and think you're stuck in a dark room and someone's screaming at you."

"David and Zac round out the UN, and based on their names, I assume they're great at playing music when they're not at tee-ball practice and they've finished doing their homework. [pause] They've got little kid names."

"I'm so happy for them for releasing their new album The Next Four Years, which is on the label Temporary Residence, which is also what they call their parents' house when they're talking to girls."