If Snoop Dogg were to, say, throw in the hip-hop towel and pursue a career in, perhaps, reggae, then there's only one label capable of handling such a drastic change, and that would be Vice, wouldn't it?

There's no need to think of this as a hypothetical situation though, as this is exactly what's happening. Under his new Snoop Lion pseudonym, Snoop is actually releasing a bunch of reggae jams for us all to get down to - they'll dropping on Vice later this year.

Our first taste of Snoop's latest venture comes in the form of the Diplo-produced 'La La La'. I don't know much about reggae, but listening to this is making me want to grab a piña colada and sip it on a beach in the Caribbean whilst getting very, very high. That's got to be what Snoop was aiming for, right?