Acolyte readers of The 405 should already be familiar with the work of South-London type Crewdson (aka Hugh Jones) - and how Jones loves a good bit of collaboration, as seen with the marvellous Dust EP.

In this download below is his contribution to the work of Bass Clef, who had assisted him on the aforementioned EP; though this time Bass Clef is working under the name of three-piece outfit Snorkel, of which he is a new member.

The track is taken from Snorkel's forthcoming One Long Conundrum EP, that features an array of remixes; and the mood of 'Dead Skin' is as creepy as it's moniker. It's naturally got Crewdon's fingerprints all over it, in the fractured, low-key drumbeats and gently yet cluttered cut-up snippets floating their way to your psyche. Oh, and the jingly bells too.

You get aquire the EP via Slowfoot Records on June 11th, which promises to be a real genre-fuck-fest, featring krauty grooves and jazz moods, under the soundscape of a cinematic experience.