Snorri Helgason is a London based Icelandic singer/songwriter who recently released his second album, Winter Sun. Click here to see the video to his song River.

Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm from Iceland. I'm 26 years old. I just released my sophomore solo album, Winter Sun, in Iceland. I live in London and play and write music for a living. It's morning and I just had some coffee and I am listening to Gene Clark.

What can we expect from you at Airwaves 2011?

I'll be playing two sets with my new band that is absolutely wonderful. This line-up has only played together once before, at the Winter Sun release concert in Reykjavík in August so I am very excited to play with them again. They are great people and fantastic musicians. And I'll be playing 6 off-venue solo shows so I guess you can expect me to very busy at Airwaves 2011.

What's your favourite Airwaves moment?

I don't think I have a specific favourite moment. Last year as a whole was the best festival yet and I am very excited about the line-up for this year so I'm pretty sure it will be a great party as always.

Who in your opinion is the one to watch from Iceland, and why?

I think Hjaltalín, Retro Stefson and FM Belfast are the best live bands I have ever seen. I've seen them all play this summer and they have never been as good as they are now so I strongly recommend you not miss them.

I'd focus on catching as many Icelandic bands as you can because Airwaves is of course the best place to do that. And there is something very good going on in the Icelandic music scene right now. I've been part of it for about 8 years and I think I've never had such a good strong feeling of something very positive brewing there as I do now. Makes me think "what the fuck am I doing in London?!" And most of the Icelandic bands rehearse like crazy before the festival and are in top form during that week. Try to catch Sin Fang, Seabear, Ólöf Arnalds, Ojba Rasta, Sóley, Prins Póló, Gusgus, Æla, Reykjavík!, Benni Hemm Hemm... so many good bands.

For visitors to Airwaves, which one Icelandic sight should they see when they're over?

I don't think I could pick one place that is my favourite in Iceland. I'd just recommend you rent a car or get somebody to give you lift and just drive east along the south coast of Iceland and just go somewhere. That's the best thing to do.

If you don't have time to leave Reykjavík, I recommend having a swim in the public swimming pools, getting an Icelandic hot dog (pylsa), taking a walk in the harbor and just getting really really shit-faced.

Check out Snorri's best of the Icelandic bunch below...

  • Sin Fang - Because of The Blood
  • Hjaltalín - Feels like Sugar
  • Retro Stefson - Kimba
  • Ojba Rasta - Jolly Good
  • Sóley - Smashed Birds
  • FM Belfast - Don't Want to Sleep
  • Prins Póló - Niðrá Strönd
  • Ólöf Arnalds - Innundir Skinni
  • GusGus - Deep Inside