We present to you today a morsel of music called 'Puzzle' by Norwegian band Snøskred, arriving courtesy of Riot Factory. It means 'avalanche' in Norwegian; a press release told me that the 'ø' is pronounced like the 'i' in bird. Comprising Martin Hvidsten Berger (bass), Kyrre Laastad (drums), Karl Klaseie (vocals/guitar), Lars Ove Fossheim (vocals/guitar), the band have their debut UK album planned for release in early 2016.

For the moment, however, we have 'Puzzle', described by singer Klaseie as "a simple song living in a complex world." For me, that's true enough: softly jangling guitars, a jaunty rhythm, and gloriously understated lines like, "We eat our breakfast anytime we want" and "The sun is hot / the water's icy cold," prove its endearing, uncluttered nature and general laid-back vibe. Feels fresh, and it feels pastoral, as if this advocacy of a simpler life has deeper connotations of removing oneself from the modern world entirely.

Listen below.