The Los Angeles based group Patriarchy, self-proclaimed progenitors of "snuff metal," are preparing the release of their debut LP, Asking for It, which is due out later this year. To tease the record, the band is sharing 'It Goes Fast,' a thunderous, transgressive track that underscores everything to like about this up-and-coming group.

Featuring razor-sharp sonics, full of sawblade guitars and furious drums, juxtaposed with the airy vocals of Actually Huizenga, 'It Goes Fast' may dumbfound some listeners at first blush. But each successive listen reveals another layer, showcasing a band with an assured vision and a fearless desire to challenge, musically and lyrically.

You can stream 'It Goes Fast' up above. Patriarchy's debut album Asking for It drops on Nov. 11 via DERO Arcade.