I know, I know, who says "cassette tape"? But it's imperative that I say both words out of respect and formality because it's an important occasion: Mr. Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange and none other than Nelly Furtado have made a collaborative tape together. Cassette tape. It's called Hadron Collider.

The news was announced via Hynes' Instagram (photo above). The tape was available to purchase only at the Blood Orange and Friends show on Saturday 12th December. This might change but there's no word on that.

Proceeds from the tape go to Opus 118 Harlem School of Music, which "transforms the lives of students and their families through access to quality music education both in-school and after-school, while fostering teacher development and introducing performance to new audiences."

Yesterday, Furtado tweeted a photo of Satuday night's setlist, revealing that at least two of the collaborative songs in question are named 'Say It Right' and 'Hadron'.