With their (new) '90s VHS style video clip for 'Ballad of Calm Arms' Wellington, New Zealand canyon rock band So Laid Back Country China masterfully reference the psychedelic and degrading live music moments that helped define the aesthetic of David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

Created by Phoebe Gittins, Meg Howie, Ash Smith, Thomas Lambert and James Goldsmith, the video depicts So Laid Back Country China members Michael and Harriet performing for a concert hall audience. Taking to the darkened stage in stylish mid 20th-century lounge music attire, they embrace the microphone and piano with a world-weary emptiness. Close to three minutes into the song, the song and video completely switches up, giving Michael a chance to live out his blurry guitar hero dreams resplendent in full desert cowboy attire.

'Ballad of Calm Arms' is the latest single from So Laid Back Country China's masterful new album Sin Cristales. You can stream/purchase it over on bandcamp here.