Following on from 2012, when Lil B gave a lecture to NYU, he also graced MIT with his presence last Friday (21st November). He had a lot to say, a lot, and as much as I'd just love to copy the entire transcript of the lecture right here and be done with it, there are some choice statements and revelations that we could share instead.

I just finished compiling these quotations and I feel distinctly more positive for reading the transcript (you can, too, if you go here). It's inspirational to hear someone talk so positively about everyday life and struggles and business and even the simplest thing of how to correct someone's spelling mistake without being egotistical about it. Positivity thrives in this man, and it's contagious.

This is something for everyone to think about. "Less opinion, more perspective." What I mean by that is, sometimes I feel like an opinion is more ego driven. We're protecting the outer.

The code of ethics in your job and where you work, the company you may create, or if you work for somebody, make sure you bring that love, and bring that positivity.

I appreciate everybody in here, I appreciate the Black Student Union for making this happen. Everybody should be in the Black Student Union, because we're all black, remember that.

Make sure you comfort everybody, because you have so much power.

We right now are in a special generation. This is our generation, and this is our family. It's not about violence.

My mom, she recently had a minor stroke, and it was a wake up call for me. […] It brought everything back to what I means to be alive and be human and live this beautiful life that we have, this beautiful earth, and I think the word is ecosystem.

I want to give a shout out to all the engineers and scientists, and all the people in here, swag. Everybody that's dealing with math, you know what I'm saying? Salute man.

What I do right now, this music, I do it all for free [applause]. You can't put a price on the love.

The main thing I'm trying to press here with everybody is that I love you. Somebody that doesn't know you, loves you. I need you guys to take care of me. I need you to take care of my family. I need you to take care of everybody else's family, and the future.

Understand that the media has agendas. The media doesn't get everything right. You have to realize who's behind the camera. Think deeply.

I took on my first consulting job in a company that I'm going to be working with, and I'm developing an app for them. They're a vegan company, called Follow Your Heart.

Awareness, awareness, awareness. It's a big thing because, to the people that aren't aware, that's how the predators come in. There's many different predators of different kinds. I love you guys, I want you to be safe.

It feels amazing to wake up everyday and feel like, "I love my job, I love my life, I hope I don't die." You know what I'm saying? For real. Like, "I don't want to die right now!"

I think what it means to be a man is whatever you make it. And don't live by the standards or conforming to that—because to be a man is to be a woman, to be a woman is to be a man. To be yourself is the main thing.

I've got one of the top emoji apps in the world, it's called Basedmoji.

I created something called Current Strategy Marketing. This is what I do. [...] I'm always dealing with the current. I'm always working with the fan base, the support base, and making sure that it feels right for me, and the timing is right for me, and on earth

You know, I'm not putting ads on my videos. The only stream of income I'm making is live engagements with you guys and the companies that support me.

I'm just extremely happy to learn. I'm really just excited to live, appreciating life for what it is.

I look at meditation like different things. Like being humble. It's a meditative practice to be humble. That's a big thing, going outside, smelling earth, smelling the smells.

There's a lot of people now, they don't fully understand everybody. Everybody just wants to live safely, and not feel like they're going to be attacked. We all live in the jungle, remember that, we all live in a complex jungle, a complex beehive. We need to know that working together behooves us and is way better than anything.

Sometimes we have to confront negativity. I want to meet the number one person that hates me for no reason, and I want to talk to them. Because I know I can speak to them and find love within them. The hate was taught.

I love women and I love feminists. Girls do have a legendary life. Women aren't under guys. There's a lot of propaganda that indirectly says women are down here.

The janitor. The police, construction workers. The architects. These people need to be continuously brought to the mainstream and shown love. Bringing love to the animals and insects and making sure we remember them.

Watch Lil B with a lil freestyle at the lecture below.

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