Infused with history, spirituality and mysticism, the Seattle band Society of the Silver Cross is clearly not afraid to engage with challenging concepts. On the band's new album, 1 Verse, an eclectic mix of instrumentation and other-worldly lyrical exploration combines to create one of the year's most unique and compelling debuts.

Perhaps the most immediate observation about 1 Verse is how effortlessly the record fuses disparate music styles. On paper, an ethereal goth rock record made with a wild assortment of instruments -- the harmonium, shahi baaja, dilruba, ghungroo bells, as well as 12-string guitar and the types of contraptions that would make synth heads squeal with delight -- might sound like just a bit too much. But the album's sheer beauty, captured most vividly on tracks like 'Diamond Eyes' and 'When You're Gone,' quickly dispels that notion.

The two creative forces behind Society of the Silver Cross, Joe Reineke and life partner Karyn Gold-Reineke, must be applauded for bringing so many different elements together and somehow managing to create something so cohesive and compelling. Much like the instrumentation, it is easy to be skeptical of a project that purports to deal with so many big ideas over the course of just an album's worth of songs. But 1 Verse is drawn from the real-life experiences of Joe and Karyn, giving the whole record a certain emotional (and intellectual) heft.

"After traveling to India several years ago, we found a deep calling to the yogic path," says the band. "Our practice has infused our lives and naturally our music with positive energy and creative inspiration to blend our familiar western rock and gothic roots with the textures of the east.

"The original Society of the Silver Cross were Dutch medics for the 17th-century army, much like the Red Cross," they continue. "We think of this music as medicine on the battlefield of today’s chaotic world. Our intention is that it be an experience -- a musical movement of authenticity, inspiration and awakening a sense of one’s true self and purpose."

You can stream Society of the Silver Cross' debut record 1 Verse up above. You can learn more about the band and the record at this link.