Sofi de la Torre lit up the Internet with 'Mess' - the first release from her forthcoming EP of the same name, which is set for release later this month - but it's time for some more.

While 'Mess' might have been accurately categorised as "#popdoneright", '19 in Mexico' is an R&B lover's fantasy. It's smooth, sultry and sexy, while Sofi's voice glistens throughout. Speaking to i-D Magazine she said: "I wrote '19 in Mexico' after a night out with my producer Jonas. He played me the beat and I was like 'No, this is just SILLY good'. So he e-mailed it to me and the morning after I wrote the song in like 15 minutes. Then he came over to my flat and we re-recorded the vocals. It's the most R&B/stream-of-consciousness leaning track of them all. I'm kinda in love with it."

The Mess EP is set for release on November 20.