Pop innovators Sofi Tukker have announced their debut album Treehouse and share brooding new single ‘Baby I’m A Queen’. The flamboyant American pair have been dominating the globe with their innovative and outrageous approach to pop music, taking inspirations from language, cultures and sounds far outside their native New York.

‘Baby I’m A Queen’ leans heavily on guitar sounds rather than synth, but still retains the sugar-rush of previous ‘Fuck They’ and ‘Best Friend’. The anticipated album will be released on April 13 via Ultra Records and will feature the previously released psychedelic ‘Johny’, their international smash ‘Best Friend’ along with this latest offering.

“Just because you are vulnerable, doesn't mean you have to let yourself be belittled or infantilized (why is "baby" the default nickname?)" the band says of the song. "We are strong and empowered because we cry, because we desire, and because of what is chaotic about us. This song is about standing up as strong and powerful, because of that courage to share ourselves. It’s about being both a baby and a queen at the same time.”

Sofi Tukker will be embarking on a lengthy US tour as well as appearing across Europe for a number of festival performances. Their album is available to pre-order here.