Soft Lions are the post riot-grrl, garage-rocking, quirky punk threesome of your DIY band fantasies.

The band was founded by guitarist/vocalist Megan Liscomb in 2013 and supplemented by keyboardist/vocalist Ana Ramundo and drummer Jon Bonser. The San Diego group brings the sunshine and surf to their tongue-in-cheek attitude when it comes to their songs and their latest record XOXO.

The video for 'Freeway' - which we're premiering today - is a mix of goofy outdoor shots and live performance footage. The track begins with the words, "Love doesn't keep score/ Oh, but she does." From the get-go, you know Soft Lions mean business, even if they aren't afraid to show their fun side; the shimmery guitar and danceable drums and keys will get your hips moving.

They teamed up with Alberto Sanchez to shoot the video, after they met him through a mutual friend, Monica, who runs Grrl Independent Ladies, "an amazing project that brings women in music together on both sides of the border, connecting Los Angeles, San Diego & Tijuana. [We] love what Monica is doing to empower women and bring people together across the border."

Soft Lions just completed a West Coast tour of the US, but they will be continuing on to the Midwest and East Coast come 2017 and bringing along the sunny, SoCal vibes.

To tide you over until then, check out the video premiere of 'Freeway' and dream of dancing in the streets instead of sending that revised spreadsheet to your manager for the fifth time.