Tori Schachne and Colton Toy comprise a new band out of LA that goes by Soft Streak. Their music proves to be just as delicate and chrome as their moniker. Today’s premiere is only their second single to be released to date, following the vibey 'Ride'. The new track, 'Keep Your Face On', twists social anxiety into a danceable affair. Listen below.

Soft Streak live by the old adage, ‘fake it ‘til you make it,’ and they aren’t going to allow whatever ‘it’ is to take up any of their emotional bandwidth. “I don’t want another meltdown, every time it’s just another letdown,” Schachne sings over the bridge. The band prefers to keep most of the production light with one sick bass groove tethering it to the ground. Uplifting vocals wrap the sonics up nicely; with the song’s high spirits and its more literal message about imposter syndrome, Soft Streak will be your most convincing cheerleader.

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