Label: Akoustik Anarkhy Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Softpriest is a one-man DJ making waves in Manchester. Enjoying Moths is his first full-length record, and it's an ambitious effort. It took me a while to come around to this record, but I’m glad I made the attempt. I almost gave up after hearing the first track, which is one of those tuneless mish-mashes you’d hear in a particular brand of Shoreditch pub, where the men have un-ironic moustaches and the women are wearing ridiculous hats that are even less ironic. But once I got past the first track, I discovered an atmospheric album that steadily claws a little deeper inside every-time you hear it. A lot of recent electronic music seems more concerned with latching onto a particular mood than with being something you’d actually choose to listen to, but this record is infinitely more danceable than many recent electronica records, with strong beats driving it forward. 'Jarmy Days' and 'Jarmy Nights' will get you up on your feet, guaranteed. The standout track is 'Retardis', which, despite it’s Doctor Who influenced title, hearkens back to the more adult science fiction of Blake’s 7. It would make a great soundtrack for those space station hedonism scenes that were so en vogue back in the 1980’s. Now that I think about it, that’s the best way to describe the record: a little bit otherworldly. While this won’t be the first record I reach for when I’m in the mood for electronica (that’s gonna be M83 every time), it’s a good one to have in the arsenal for a longer night. At the album’s best, Softpriest effortlessly blends organic sounds such as church choirs and nature with old-fashioned synth waves, to create music that will instantly transport you to another world. Photobucket