Everything about this girl is modest. Solange Knowles is a born star without the attitude. No one would think that tonight, tucked away down this unmarked driveway to one side of a studio space and shopping complex, such a big name is performing. The only thing that gives it away is the extensive queue, snaking way back even after the estimated start time. Inside the club, Prince Charles near Moritzplatz, it becomes apparent that we will soon be squeezed to within an inch of our lives once the remaining fans still waiting outside take up the surplus (debatable) capacity.

During the somewhat insane nearly 2 hour wait, lanky, arty blokes in vintage shirts, which could only be described as “jazzy”, dance to the background music provided. You would be forgiven for thinking we’re back in the late 80s, with funky tunes that wouldn’t be out of place on Prince’s 1989 soundtrack for Batman. Luckily we’re not stuck in this time warp for too long. When Solange makes her entrance, we are suddenly whisked back a few decades further to the golden age of soul.

With her dreamy, lush, sugar-sweet voice, Solange makes our blues disappear. Everyone is desperate for a glimpse of the glamour girl and her undoubtedly flamboyant outfit. Women precariously line the upholstered benches at the back of the room, hoping to see above the countless heads. Unfortunately for the majority of us standing disillusioned at the back, we have to be content with hearing Ms. Knowles and not necessarily seeing her in concert. The orchestration of this event is frankly poor; her promoter should have the confidence to book a venue and a support act which allow the headliner to shine and the crowd to be entertained.

Nevertheless, the show will go on, and Solange gives it all she’s got. She repeatedly praises the audience’s enthusiasm, but it’s her happy-go-lucky attitude that puts us in the mood for dancing. It’s refreshing to see a natural diva who doesn’t take herself too seriously. However, I can’t help but think that if she were to throw her weight around a bit more, use the influential B-word a little more often, perhaps she would get the superstar treatment she deserves. Good on her for doing it on her terms, although with her innate talent she would have the potential to fill stadia.

Her latest song, ‘Losing You’, which Solange co-wrote with Dev Hynes (AKA Lightspeed Champion), goes down a storm. Unfortunately the dapper, colourfully-suited gents from the video weren’t present, but no matter. Instead she managed to keep the momentum high all by herself, following up with the catchiest hit from her previous album, ‘Sandcastle Disco’. This candy confection of a song can’t help but cheer you up. As Solange sings the chorus for the last time, “baby, don’t blow me away,” it’s apparent that she, indeed, has blown us away.