Over the weekend, Solange and her family went to a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. During the show, she was allegedly yelled at to stop dancing and sit down by four older white women, before having a lime thrown at her. Now, Solange has penned an essay about the hostile experience titled 'And Do You Belong? I Do.'

"You inhale deeply," she writes. "Your husband calmly asks the group of women did they just throw trash at you. One woman says, ‘I just want to make it clear, I was not the one who yelled those horrible, nasty, things at you.’ Loud enough for you to hear. This leads you to believe they were saying things way worse than what you heard, but you are not surprised at that part one bit."

"You realize that you never called these women racists, but people will continuously put those words in your mouth. What you did indeed say is, ‘This is why many black people are uncomfortable being in predominately white spaces,’ and you still stand true to that." Read the full essay here.