Meticulous Montreal production duo Solar Years are weeks away from the formal “debut” of Waverly, the project's first proper studio release. Although the album was originally released in the duo's native city last summer, Ceremony and Splendor records will be distributing the LP through larger channels come June 25th.

Just before the release date, Solar Years debuted the LP's final single 'Seeing The Same', a laborious and gloriously adventurous trip exploring the duo's otherworldly visions. The take came after the Solar Years sat back in the studio after the original Waverly release, remastering and re-sequencing the final product another time over. The move also came months after the band was featured on the 7” label Stratosfear, an imprint of No Fear Of Pop, earning steady recognition for the 'Night & Day' single.

Stream the brand new 'Seeing The Same' in all its glory below.