With her third studio album Endless Summer out later this spring, Icelandic artist Sóley is appropriately greeting the new season with the visuals for 'Grow', one of the highlights from the album. The clip was filmed during heavy snowfall in Reykjavik which provides an almost spiritual quality - something team 405 has experienced first hand over the years.

"On the day of our shoot, a record snowfall hit Reykjavik, and we thought, how could we possibly make a video for an album called 'Endless Summer'," director Samantha Shay explains. "But I realised through this process that Sóley is the Endless Summer, conjuring her incandescence. So there she is, in the middle of the snow all on her own, dreaming of the warmth she creates to surround her. This ability to be present with what is in front of us, instead of what we wish could be, is to me, the journey of the song, and Sóley's journey that I tried to capture in 'Grow'."

"We entered a special, kind of meditative sacred space together, where she knew I could see her, and she let it be there," she continues. "I was reminded that the best directors just fall in love with people, and with everything about them, especially their intricacies, their fears, their blocks, because those places are actually the entry point into something unprecedented, in other words, the entry point to the artistic process. In some ways, this feels more like a portrait of Sóley."

Endless Summer is out on May 19th via Morr Music. You can watch the video for 'Grow' below.