Mannie Fresh would be proud. Solo Lucci, mostly of Love & Hip Hop fame until this point (hey, it sure didn't hurt Cardi B), is moving forward with a classic throwback vibe.

Whatever Birdman and co. may have twisted Cash Money Records into since, many rap fans will always miss the label's classic era. Creating stars, or, at least, hometown heroes, out of Juvenile, B.G., a young Lil Wayne, and more, the label was a mainstay for Southern hip hop, thanks largely in part to the endlessly recognizable, signature sound that super-producer Mannie Fresh provided their entire roster.

Mannie, much like a more recent Wayne, gradually wised up to just how much Birdman was (monetarily) under-appreciating his talents, and an era ended.

That hasn't stopped Solo Lucci from tapping in to those classic days, with his new track 'Cash Money' taking more than just its name from bygone times. The song is breezy, a tribute that deftly stays just shy of overdoing it.

Check out the new track below, and look out for Lucci's upcoming project, The Recipe, very soon.