What better way to pay tribute to the couple behind some of the most iconic artworks of modern times, by photoshopping them into the most iconic artworks of all time (OF ALL TIME!). That's what the person behind your new favourite Tumblr site, The Carter Family Portrait Gallery, thought when they took it upon the exceedingly important task of photoshopping Jay Z and Beyoncé into six Tumblr pages worth of classic paintings.

There's a few Kanye West cameos (painteos?) in there too, he'll probably be pissed when he realises he didn't get to play god in his and Hova's version of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. They're all pretty much essential and who doesn't want to see Jay Z's face photoshopped onto Henry the VIII's body? He's got 99 problems but the six bitches ain't one.

See a few of our favourites below and the rest here.