If you're going to make a grand return, do it like Son Lux. The band are back with an incredible new single 'Dream State,' that uses synths, woodwinds and brass as a trumpet call to the power of the youth. "Invincible skin, it's how we all begin," Ryan Lott sings over the surging production.

But it's not just a loosie. The band are set to deliver their new album Brighter Wounds on February 9 on City Slang. Find the full tracklist below.

  • 'Brighter Wounds' track list:
  • A1. Forty Screams
  • A2. Dream State
  • A3. Labor
  • A4. Slowly
  • A5. The Fool You Need
  • B6. All Directions
  • B7. Aquatic
  • B8. Surrounded
  • B9. Young
  • B10. Resurrection