Son Lux's third record Lanterns isn’t out for almost two months (October 29th to be exact), but we’ve got a new track from him today from that album, ‘Lost It To Trying’. Peter Silberman from The Antlers, classical ensemble yMusic (who have worked with Dirty Projectors and Bon Iver if the name doesn’t right a bell), and many others will all be making appearances on the album as well. It’s a massive track that often shifts from rock anthem to noisy, experimental electronica and everywhere in-between in roughly five minutes, so make sure you give it a listen.

  • 01. Alternate World
  • 02. Lost It To Trying
  • 03. Ransom
  • 04. Easy
  • 05. No Crimes
  • 06. Pyre
  • 07. Enough Of Our Machines
  • 08. Plan The Escape
  • 09. Lanterns Lit