True to its statement of providing "the most up-to-date developments and most relevant national and international artists", Sónar's inspired line-up manages to effortlessly fuse established all-star acts such as Kraftwerk with the very best of emerging artists. As part of this dedication to up-and-coming artists, Sonar has several stages devoted to the discovery of new music, including the Red Bull Music Academy stage featuring Academy alumni and affiliates. Here is our Top Artists To See at Sonar.

Top 3 Must See Acts:

1) Kraftwerk

It's difficult to think of the origins of electronic music without uttering the word 'Kraftwerk'. Throughout the 70s and 80s, the German quartet pioneered the electronic music genre pushing the boundaries of sound and technology. Now, in their late 50s, Kraftwerk are set to bring their distinguished '3D set' to Barcelona and are destined to offer remarkable visuals to the band's breathtaking body of work. After all, where would Sonar be without Kraftwerk?

2) JJ Doom

JJ Doom are a hip hop duo comprised of Jneiro Jarel and MF Doom. In typical Doom fashion, the project is as inventive as it is engaging, pushing the boundaries of intelligent hip hop. Accompanied by a superhero-mask and Doom’s remarkable delivery, JJ Doom will surely be a memorable experience.

3) Nicolas Jaar

Being a comparative literature graduate of an ivy league university isn't the most typical back-story for an electronic musician, but then again Nicolas Jaar isn't a typical electronic musician. Jaar is currently working on his second album following his acclaimed debut release Space Is Only Noise, making his performance one to not miss.

Top 3 New Artists:

1) UMA

I've always had a soft-spot for husband and wife duos - Peaking Lights, Mates of State - there's something fascinating about watching a performance of a married couple. One such example is Berlin-based UMA. Led by Austrian-born Jools Hunter, UMA craft experiment electronic-pop that is as infectious as it is fragile.

2) Palmbomen

On their website, Berlin-natives Palmbomen state that they "deliver a tropical escape from the mundane", which by all accounts isn't far off. Palmbomen (dutch for Palm Trees) manage to fuse 60s psychedelia with slick infectious electronica, creating a sound that straddles the bizarre and inventive.

3) Panoram

You'll struggle to find much information about Panoram but perhaps that's why the cliche 'the music does the talking' exists. What is known is that Panoram has lovingly concocted a sound that is inventive and engaging, fusing Dilla-esque beats with fuzzy experimental soundscapes.