Cambridge Audio have carved themselves a rather attractive niche in recent years as one of the best budget audiophile brands. Despite costing a good 30% less than almost all their counterparts, they’ve delivered strings of fine products, as proved by glowing reviews and a string of What HiFi 5 star ratings.

In the DR30 we have Cambridge Audio’s lynchpin of their Hi Fi set up – their centrepiece to receive and direct the overall system. In the DR30, while it is a competent tuner, we have the basis and start of the system and it seems robustly built and easy enough to navigate, though it does take a while to get used to the remote control.

The sound is impressive as well; I’ve been testing in a place that isn’t the best for reception but it’s handled all use very well with a very simple indoor receiver and has not suffered from any lack of depth or clarity. Everything sounds as crisp as could be hoped for on this price and it is certainly up to scratch aurally and will be a good match for most systems.

It also boasts an iPod/iPhone extension as well, which links up very simply and produces a very good sound.

The main problem with it is the difficulty in tuning – while it’s doable, it’s quite hard and not very intuitive to search and it can leave the listener stuck and grappling with the controls for a while. It’s ok after using it for a while, but a simple fast scrolling dial of some sort would have been a lot nicer than having to flick through every station to get to the needed one.

It is still an impressive piece of kit despite that, and given its range of abilities and the sonic depth and clarity it can deliver, it still works out being one of the finest receivers and base points for its budget.