So, you're listening to the new Sondre Lerche track 'Bad Law', and for the first minute it's a catchy bit of alt-pop - and then all hell breaks loose. 'Bad Law' flirts between this indie-pop accessibility and noisy assault spontaneously throughout its entirety and that's what makes it so damn interesting and a complete 180 from what we've heard previously.

He spent most of 2013 working on the soundtrack for the directorial debut of his ex wife Mona Fastvold. Soon after that was completed, the two filed for divorce, and Lerche took to the studio to channel his emotions. That time in the studio became his seventh album Please, which will hit shelves later this fall through his own imprint Mona Records. Much like 'Bad Law' the whole album is filled with tracks that are a different affair from what fans may be used to, as a press release states For the first time in his career, Lerche is presented unraveled. The moans and wails are unedited, and the cutting room floor is clean. Lerche has always written about love, but never in such a primal, sexual way. His well-proven melodic instincts are sharper than ever, but he’s moved from the brain to the body, from the soulful to the physical.”

The emotional hardships he's been through recently have only allowed him to sharpen his musicianship, though, as the release continues on to say that “Despite aligning with a recent divorce from his wife of eight years, Please is brimming with crisp electronic flourishes, bold, economic production, and an infectious new energy and sense of purpose.”

“‘Bad Law’ came charged with this urge to play a simple song that would allow people (and myself, I suppose) to ventilate anger and frustration,” Lerche continued, adding “To get happy, dance like idiots and ultimately feel a little better, despite everything going to shit. I hope people lose it to this song.” Stream 'Bad Law' and check out the record's tracklisting below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Bad Law
  • 02. Crickets
  • 03. Legends
  • 04. At Times We Live Alone
  • 05. Sentimentalist
  • 06. Lucifer
  • 07. After The Exorcism
  • 08. At A Loss For Words
  • 09. Lucky Guy
  • 10. Logging off