Boy Harsher - 'LA'

The path Boy Harsher have been treading since their breakthrough hit ‘Pain’ has certainly led them to a new found world of wonders. Recalibrating after a turbulent year, both the endured experience and pain was channelled by the duo on to their new, sophomore album ‘Careful’. Their new single ’LA’ is a dance-floor stunner, picking up again their 80s inspired production and devotional songwriting, accompanied by a video capturing the essence of a nonconforming, lustful love affair. - Francisco Gonçalves Silva

Nilüfer Yanya - 'In Your Head'

'In Your Head' is an emphatic rock song that pushes Yanya's rich and jazzy voice to the forefront in a new way, with an effervescence that is intoxicating. The blustering guitars tug along a tumbling diatribe from Yanya, as she examines her questionable thoughts, spiralling into a cataclysmic realisation "I can't think what I want/ I can't feel what I feel/ Until you say it out loud/ How will I know if it's real?" This quest for validation seems desperate written down, but 'In Your Head' is buoyed by luminous organ undercurrents and Yanya's diverting vocal that keeps the playfulness at the forefront - especially in conjunction with the fantastic video. - Rob Hakimian

Rosalía - 'De Aquí No Sales'

Encompassing references to Don Quixote, the biker crews that infest the album, burning men and much more drama, it's an immersive short film that you just have to experience. - Rob Hakimian

girl in red - 'watch you sleep'

The yearning single captures the small, intimate moments of being love-struck upon deep musings from within your bedroom walls. With Ulven’s beatific vocals at the forefront and instrumental arrangements adrift in reverie, ‘watch you sleep’ is bound to reach the most delicate strands of one’s lovesick heart. - Sean Kayden

Liv Lovelle - 'Do You Get It'

Building from hushed piano to a full-on glimmering pop song whose polished and tight arrangements recall '90s pop music more than anything, it functions as another vehicle for Lovelle's naturally soulful voice as she sings about being completely in love with someone and wanting more than anything for those feelings to be reciprocated. Like all of her previous single there's an air of elegance she brings that makes the music all the more enticing, and with her debut EP planned for this year, her singles as a whole hopefully offer a glimpse of what's to come. - Jeremy Monroe

American Football - 'Uncomfortably Numb' (feat. Hayley Williams)

If Hayley Williams has proven anything over the trajectory of her work with Paramore, it's that she's as versatile and adaptable as any singer out there, and she proves it again on 'Uncomfortably Numb', slotting into American Football's autumnal sound with sighing grace. At first she remains as an ethereal presence, backing up Mike Kinsella through the first verse, but she soon flutters in to sweep us off our feet in the second half. - Rob Hakimian

Inevitable Daydream - 'Bongwater/Dreadlord'

Across the 7-and-a-half minutes of 'Bongwater/Dreadlord' below you'll find yourself wandering among watercolour painted landscapes, feeling dwarfed by the surrounding scenery, be set upon by packs of wild animals, get into skirmishes - and all of this is vividly portrayed by Inevitable Daydream's dynamic and wildly unpredictable playing. - Rob Hakimian

Cherushii & Maria Minerva - 'A Day Without You'

Due to the 2016 warehouse fire in Oakland and her passing, producer Chelsea Faith, aka Cherushii, wasn’t able to complete her collaborative album with label mate Maria Minerva. As a way to honour her memory, Minerva, throughout the course of the two following years, gathered the pieces together, as most of the release was written, recorded, and mixed. We know that in Los Angeles the Winter never comes, however, with 'A Day Without You’, the lead single, Cherushii and Maria Minerva were hinting that Summer never ends, friendship is forever and life is to be celebrated on the dancefloor. ’S/T’ is out via 100% SILK on February 15th. - Francisco Gonçalves Silva

Isabelle Brown - 'What U Waiting 4'

The new single incorporates classic soul stylings with a classic hip-hop twist; skittering drums intersects with funky bass, vinyl scratches alongside wisps of saxophone, but this is all just backdrop to Brown's vocal, which is a powerhouse. The comparisons to the greats like Tina Turner are obvious and can be drawn quickly - but they are not unfounded in this case. She vocally struts amidst the luscious instrumental backdrop, allowing her to glide across delicious choruses, inject her youthful attitude to the verses, and then flutter magnificently when it all drops back in the stirring emotional breaks. - Rob Hakimian

Jessica Pratt - 'Aeroplane'

Jessica Pratt sets the emotional and visible scene in 'Aeroplane' with delicacy: "Reflection of your memory in the window/ And beneath the plane, city lights are twinkling." With her first use of electric guitar on an album she gracefully sketches the gentle lift of the flight, and her whisper-singing voice relays the complicated memories in her mind: "And the roses that you came with/ surely had a thorn or two/ But still this blood runs blue." As a sliver of organ slips in beneath, the emotion hits a peak without Pratt having to exert any more effort, such is the precision of her songwriting. "I don't want to touch down," she sings in the poignant chorus of 'Aeroplane', and we feel the same way, never wanting the song to end. - Rob Hakimian

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