Even the toughest men sometimes have to shed a tear or two. Maybe it's for losing a good man out there (in war or football). Maybe it's over that last piece of bacon that tumbled to the floor. With us, however, it's all about those heart wrenching musical numbers that have us hugging pillows, choking back tears and wailing like a broken car alarm.

We asked some of our favourite bands and artists what records started the waterworks, so get ready readers and grab some tissues. I can feel the salty tears welling up…

Odonis Odonis

Other than the latest Soundgarden single or hearing Adele on the radio one more time, I haven't cried over a song since I was sixteen. But, the offending tunes probably would've been The Smiths' 'Please Please Please' or Jeff Buckley's 'So Real'. Both those tracks got my tear ducts worked up during my teenage years

Cinnamon Girl

'Lovesong' by The Cure makes me cry, because of it's entirely faultless construction as a song and because Robert Smith's voice makes love sound like heartache.

In terms of albums, Speak and Spell by Depeche Mode brings a tear to my eye because of its immaculate pop perfection. It feels defiant because it's a pure pop record that doesn't apologise for being a pop record. And the sound of those 80's analog synths makes my heart do a little dance.

North Atlantic Oscillation

'Do You Realise?' by The Flaming Lips is a good contender for this song especially if it is live and you are very tired and emotional after a long festival. Although I believe it has been documented in the past that I don't have any tear ducts and so can't actually cry.


That's a tough question. Don't really cry too often, except when a movie ends, or I get awoken from a nap. But I'm gonna say 'Ashes To Ashes' by David Bowie. It's really cool to cry to this song, but only if you're staring into a mirror.


The happy ones are the hardest because they remind me how much hell I went through without giving up. But those were true tears of joy. I love this album and I don't care what anyone thinks. It's my soul and it's more fun then ever. I think I won't be a sad person in the end and that's something worth a few tears to me. I'm saved! Hallelujah!

Two Wounded Birds

The song that makes me sad when I listen to it is Big Star's 'Holocaust'. It's everything, the piano, the way he sings it and of course the words. Sometimes it's good to reflect and wallow in something sombre. The lyrics are so brutal ' everybody goes, leaving those who fall behind ' it just sounds like the end of the world, but that's why it's so beautiful and that's why I love hearing it.


'Long Long Long' by The Beatles. Soundtracking the journey inward. Quiet and joyful. It's actually so quiet. Further emphasised by 'Helter Skelter', which is before it. I love when the bottle of blue nun falls into the Leslie speaker and they all wail "Paaaaaul" in spooked voices. God bless George.

The Twilight Sad

I don't cry cause I'm a hard fucking bastard and evil Doctor Hamish Mctavish removed my tear ducts at birth. There have been some songs/albums/live performances that have evoked the same sort of response over the years though.

  • 'The Copper Top' by Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
  • 'Devil and the Angel' by Malcolm Middleton
  • Any Abba song would induce tears of joy if I could cry, but I can't.

RM Hubbert recently played with us in Leeds and his performance really got to me as he told the crowd about the inspiration behind each song he played and he was very honest and didn't hold back which I think is really brave and now every time I listen to his new album Thirteen Lost and Found, it takes me back to that night and the way I felt.

Mariee Sioux

'Willy' by Joni Mitchell on Ladies of the Canyon. The second she starts singing the first lines "I could be his lady all my life" the melody she sings for that part makes me immediately start crying, its so lilting and unusual. I remember listening to this when I was about 16 before I ever played music and just weeping in my room- yearning for a love of my own to be heartbroken over...

This song is so honestly heart felt about the confusion between a true love of hers, you can hear and feel it in every line. It is still to this day some of the most guttural and honest energy from a woman's personal life put into song I've ever heard. It is effortless song writing. Just a woman's voice and piano in the rawest beauty.


Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Pina Colada Song). Okay, so this song is super cheesy. It sounds like a melting cheeto on a tandem bicycle riding into the sunset.

It's some douchey man in his late 40's trying to be cool. Somehow it can give you an image of Will Ferrell and his sleazy Night at the Roxbury crew, except a bit sadder. This old dude is bored of his relationship and responds to a personal ad. Some lady likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain and other dumb shit. And he's into the same things. He makes plans to meet up with her. Basically this song doesn't do much for me until at two minutes and forty-five seconds when he's waiting for the stranger at some coffee shop and in walks his lady. THE LADY HE'S BEEN BORED WITH. It was his lover who put the ad out! Lady's been tired of him too. "I knew her smile in an instant, blah blah the curve of her face." It's fucked up because they're pretty much both cheating on each other but it gets me choked up and even teary because they like each other all along.