I know February is a short month, but the last few weeks seem to have passed by in a blur, mainly caused by the utter tedium of awards ceremonies. (Yes, I think I’m going to kick off this month’s column with another rant.) Music isn’t a popularity contest; it’s not about who sells the most loss-leading CDs in Tesco, who has the most ‘riot police’ onstage at the O2, or giving someone an award because they can be bothered to fly across the Atlantic on a private jet. At least it shouldn’t be. It might be stating the obvious, but music is a much more personal thing than all that. So, with that in mind, here’s my own (thankfully James Corden-less) awards ceremony for songs that have touched me in some way or other this month:
Photobucket Best Song From An Album I Really Should Have Listened To More Since It Came Out Ages Ago

Photobucket Best Song On The New-ish Album By The Lady Who Sings On That Last Song

Photobucket Best Remix By A Band On Sonic Cathedral Recordings Of A Song By An Artist On Sonic Cathedral Recodings (Sponsored By Sonic Cathedral Recordings)

Photobucket Best Cover Version(s) That Really Shouldn‘t Work But Somehow Do

Photobucket Best Song Of All Time