If you want high-quality rock and roll in this day and age, you look to Chicago. Looking for proof? Look no further than Sonny Falls, the latest signees to Chicago-based indie label Sooper Records. The band, fronted by Ryan Ensley, will put out an LP later this year, entitled Some Kind of Spectre. But first, they've got a killer new single, 'Easy To Lose,' with a top-notch video to boot.

Featuring ripping instrumentals and a carefree vocal performance, 'Easy To Lose' has all the makings of a good-time summer hit. The fun party atmosphere of the video, directed by Bayley White and Jake Karlson of Low-Moon Productions, emphasizes the good times.

But listen closely to Ensley's lyrics and some darker themes quickly bubble to the surface.

"'Easy to Lose' addresses the way in which a negative situation can be all consuming, whether it be a relationship, an addiction, or even an addiction to a relationship; i.e. codependency," explains Ensley. "I believe in many cases relapses are an inevitable aspect of recovery and part of backpedaling back into a negative situation is believing you are able to control it. With the chorus line, 'Well your face fading won’t make the news / cause baby you’re easy to lose' serving as a refrain within the context of the verse lyrics, it can be taken in two ways: a person deluding themselves into believing they really are capable of leaving a situation, and a person truly realizing they are capable."

Sonny Falls will release Some Kind of Spectre later this year via Sooper Records but, for now, slam that repeat button because you know 'Easy To Lose' is already stuck in your head.